Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Decade full of hopes

Stevie Wonder in the new millennium
Only a woman can know the feeling of bringing a child to the world, just like Stevie Wonder's fans appreciate at its best caress between our fingers new songs to satisfy our ears. In the recent decades, Stevie Wonder's albums have been delayed in time, putting many of us in a state of continuous anxiety.
But it soon seems that it will eventually be that year longed for fulfillment of our dreams, the release of Stevie Wonder's new album . Two albums in the 90's, and only one in this new millennium make it a unique event for many of their fans. Gone will the "healthy envy" towards other fans who see year after year have new songs.

And back will be also the taste until the last note of his previous material, savoring it almost until the exhaustion. There is no doubt that the new album will come with a great deal of love and affection, and as a mother can not discern between her childrens, we will love and savor as the first of his albums. But this requires that our musical genius put the batteries, and once and for all, he makes us enjoy again with his music.
Year after year i know repeat myself but..., Yes, I hope this year is finally the great year!, Ten Billion of hearts are waiting.
Ten Billion Hearts

On this day, I fathom 
Just how much could happen 
For our world and everything above 
Lost would be all sorrow 
Joy we needn't borrow 
If ten billion hearts would join their love 
Join our love, join our love, 

Gentle words would cure all 
Pain would have its downfall 
Hatred would drown in the deepest sea 
Free would be all nations 
No more world starvation 
If ten billion hearts would join their love 
Join their love 
Join their love 

If we all agree, this could be instantly 

No more time for debating 
Cause for no one time's waiting 
Life has everything we're dreaming of 
To yourselves be honest 
This and more is promised 
If ten billion hearts would join their love 

War would be non-existent 
Heed the signs please listen 
Be one of ten billion hearts to join their love 
Yes all of us, ten billion hearts to join their love 
Join our love, Join our love 
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