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Syreeta Wright

Syreeta & Stevie Wonder
Receptionist, secretary, singer, writer of Motown... she is Syreeta Wright (Rita Wright). Born in Pittsburgh on August 3, 1946 and is one of the women who most influenced to Stevie Wonder. His beautiful voice and spirit filled with mysticism immediately captivated to Stevie Wonder, married on September 14, 1970. It was a short 18 months of togetherness and a perfect symbiosis of criteria against racism, social justice and commitment to peace and love, creating a foundation of a great friendship that lasted until his disappearance on August 6, 2004 by heart failure, after a period of combat that he had cancer.
Syreeta Wright
His early recordings came from the hand of Stevie Wonder, through a first album titled "Syreeta" in 1972. Production, composition, instrumentation and vocals of Stevie, along with some versions of the Beatles and Smokey Robinson gave birth to a beautiful album with beautiful soul ballads with social consciousness and appealing love songs showing syreeta a vocally splendid, capable of co-write with Stevie several songs in the album.
Stevie Wonder presents Syreeta

Her second album also came from the hand of Stevie Wonder, and separated in 1974, his title was "Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta", and there again we have to Stevie at the controls of production and instrumentation.

Stevie Compositions a thriving creative in tandem with a more mature Syreeta, resulting in the best album of Syreeta. Sounds pop-soul-funky and filled melodies generous and rich sound sap.

Publications Syreeta continued -without Stevie- along the 70s and beginning of the 80s, with great success in the song "With You I'm Born Again", a duet with Billy Preston.

Collaborations in the 80s with Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Donald Byrd, Leon Ware and Kirk Whalum, a record only for the Japanese market entitled "With You I'm Born Again", and to reappear in 1994 on the tour of "Jesus Christ Superstar" with the character of Mary Magdalene.
Syreeta Wright
Her influence on Stevie was reflected in Stevie's first album with full creative compositional freedom, "Where I'm Coming From". The year was 1971 and Syreeta co-wrote every song on the disc opening the minds of Stevie to view more engaged in the social wealth and a mystical interior.

Participation continued in some areas of the following Stevie's disks in the year 1972, "Talking Book" and "Innervisions", but her influence lingers in the deeply emotional way of being Stevie for life.
Stevie and Syreeta wedding
Harmour Love
From album One To One-1977
To Know You Is To Love You
From album Syreeta-1972
Your Kiss Is Sweet
From album Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta-1974
Cause we've ended now as lovers
From album Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta-1974
Blame It On The Sun
Cover from album Talking Book of Stevie
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