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Time, the musical, She's So BeautifulTime, Musical of Dave Clark
Time is a musical from West End, with songs written by Dave Clark -the group remembered in the 60's Dave Clark Five- and was starring Cliff Richard and directed by Larry Fuller. His release was April 9, 1986 and lasted for years on stage. They released an album based on the musical that was, among others, with the participation of numerous artists. Freddie Mercury, Leo Sayer, Ashford & Simpson, Dionne Warwick, Cliff Richard and Julian Lennon.

Stevie Wonder also participates in the song "She So Beautiful" with Cliff Richard, playing all the instruments and producing the song. Another song with Stevie is "Time Will Teach Us All", collaborating on vocals with Julian Lennon.
Lyrics She So Beautiful (Cliff Richard)

Lyrics Time Will Teach Us All (Julian Lennon)
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