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From the heart of Stevie ...
to Michael Jackson

A very young Michael Jackson notes with admiration for a well at a young Stevie Wonder in the Motown studio
The lives of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder have been meeting points and in turn have followed different paths. Both were child prodigies in music and very quickly got to highlight qualities of small geniuses.

Stevie alone, always in the Motown develop their creativity and preparing your mind to assimilate the successes and failures that life is reserved. Michael, on the contrary, under the strict and harsh hand of his father, noted among his brethren with the Jackson Five Motown at first, developing your inner creativity and to feel that he could lift the flight alone.

Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder, Friendship and shared prizes
In this way, and already under the Epic label (Sony / BMG) - released his album most certainly true and that defines their career, Off The Wall. Exquisite production by Quincy Jones, sounds funky-pop, smooth soul, beautiful ballads, rhythm and his special way of singing, we can find a composition of the Stevie Wonder in the song "I Can't Help It".

His second album, Thriller, broke records in sales and popularity, gaining the status of "king of pop". But too many hands were involved and eager to catch part of the success and money from a couple whose mind was not ready for this new world. Unable to assimilate, their hobbies and eccentricities were becoming more pronounced, moving away from real life and finding refuge in the pure spirit and freedom of children.
Michael Jackson, king of pop
This way is understandable his desire to share them with enthusiasm and generous support, often not understood by the false accusations and dirty and perverted mentality of the human adult. Why pretend that we are all equal?, Why try to prevent a person from realizing dreams innocent ...?.

Michael Jackson was no longer the child of 10 years, unlike Stevie, could not live their childhood. His body will betray, but maybe his mind was refusing to leave that to Peter Pan is always identified and which in turn approached the children who never enjoyed.
Michael Jackson, king of pop
Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder, compartieron premios y amistad
Economic problems unthinkable for a person that had generated so much rich musical and money, forced him to restart his career in Europe, but his destiny was already marked by the letters malignant nobody had wanted to play. Touched the sky with the fingers and toes to the hell, I hope that his spirit has finally found a location that gives happiness!

Today -and several years after his loss- his musical legacy is as alive as ever. The way he moved on stage, and his ability to move us with his voice remains unchanged in our memory, like his songs. Again and again still have the same charm and playing with the same freshness that when created, giving the feeling that time has not passed, and he continues to live among us.

So also feels it Stevie Wonder, using songs of Michael in his concerts that is safe to do feel closer to him. "The Way You Make Me Feel" -with John Legend- is the evidence of the excitement of a Stevie miss him.

An emotion that have made us sharers often both Michael and Stevie playing with heart, and we always feel their lives within us, because they are stars that shine with their own light wherever they are.

R.I.P 25-05-1958 / 25-06-2019

A set of songs with the love of Stevie Wonder to Michael

Stevie remembering Michael
Stevie Wonder's Talkbox Tribute to Michael Jackson
Just Good friends (from album Bad of Michael 1987)
We Are The World
State Of Independence (from album Donna Summer 1982)
Yeah (from album Eddie Murphy with more artists in 1993)
Get It (from album Characters of Stevie Wonder)
I Can't Help It (Composition of Stevie to Michael, album Off The Wall 1979)
Gone To Soon (Babyface & Stevie in the song of Michael from Dangerous)
I Just Call To Say I Love You (Michael) (Tribute from Stevie to Michael)
Together on other albums:

1974-Fulfillingness' First Finale

(Background in You Haven't Done Nothin' with the Jackson 5)

1980-Hotter Than July

(Background in the song All I Do)


(Duet in the song Get It)

Together on other albums:

Off The Wall 1979-Off The Wall

(Composition and keyboards on I Can't Help It in the album of Michael)
Mix version duet form.

USA for AFRICA 1985-Usa For Africa

(Humanitarian collaboration through the song We Are The World)

Donna Summer 1982-Donna Summer

(Background in the song with more artists on State Of Independence from Donna Summer's album)

Bad Michael Jackson 1987-Bad

(Duet on the song Just Good Friends in the album of Michael Jackson)

Eddie Murphie 1993-Love's Alright

(Background and harmonica with more artists on the song Yeah in the album of Eddie Murphy)

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