Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

KJLH: Kindness, Joy, Love & HAppiness

KJLH Stevie Wonder
KJLH, under these acronyms we find a radio station that operates in the area of influence of Los Angeles, United States. Its formula is R&B songs, and soul music of a lifetime, including occasionally Hip-Hop, Gospel and Smooth Jazz. Its frequency of 102.3 Mhz originally - the beginning of the 60s - emitted Country music, but was in 1965 when the African-American businessman John Lamar Hill bought the rights and constituted the current identity of the station, already under the name of KJLH. Black music in general with a predominance of soft RandB, soul, jazz and MOR (commercial radio format and popular music genre). But was in 1979 that Hill sold the radio station to Stevie Wonder for more than $ 2 million. He created a new production company to manage it under the name of Taxi Productions, and renewed the spirit of the station with more urban and contemporary airs. Under the slogan of Kindness, Joy, Love y HAppiness, their first 8 years maintained a modest success, their signal was not strong enough to encompass their claims, but their mission it was always about reaching out to the African-American community.
In 2000 it increased its power, but there were years of uncertainty and tough competition with other radio stations that exploited that audience range, yet they did not prevent it from celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015. Its programming has had to evolve to attract younger listeners including Hip-hop and artists such as J. Cole, Drake, Jay-Z, Lil 'Wayne or Nicki Minaj, but it can boast of having remained faithful to its audience from all over the world. life. A nearby station with direct connection to its listeners, also serving the community by broadcasting gospel music in the mornings from Monday to Friday and on Sundays throughout the day, being also the only RandB station for adults with a local and continuous staff direct, not to mention that it is the only radio station in Southern California that belongs to a person of color, Stevie Wonder.
Radio KJLH
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