Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder



Greatest Hits


It is the first collection of Stevie Wonder hits spanning his time since 1963 as "Little Stevie" until 1967, showing his transition from child to adult vocal, and songwriting and vocal work that evolves gradually and without restraint to the maturity of all a genius.

Tracklist / * Composer

  • Uptight (Everything's alright)
    * Wonder, H.Cosby, S.Moy
  • I'm Wondering
    * Wonder, Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy
  • I Was Made To Love Her
    * Cosby, Hardaway, Moy, Wonder
  • Hey Love
    * Broadnax, Paul, Wonder
  • Blowin' in the wind
    * Bob Dylan
  • A Place In The Sun
    * Ron Miller, Brian Wells
  • Contract On Love
    * B.Holland, L.Dozier, J.Bradford
  • Workout Stevie, Workout
    * Clarence Paul, Cosby
  • Fingertips [On Bongos and Harmonica]
    * Henry Cosby, Clarence Paul
  • Castles In The Sand
    * Wilson, Davis, Gordon, O'Brien
  • Hey Harmonica Man
    * Lou Josie, Marty Cooper
  • Nothing's too good for my baby
    * S.Moy, H.Cosby, W.Stephenson

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