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For Once In My Life For Once In My Life


With For Once In My Life, Stevie Wonder gets three hits to put on the lists of sales U.S., songs like "Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day" (nº1 lista R & B, nº 9 Pop), "You Met Your Match" (nº2 R & B) and "For Once in My Life" (nº 2 Pop and R & B) do to album the best from the sixties.

Most items are produced by Henry Cosby, but we can also find other produced by Don Hunter with Stevie Wonder, which is increasingly becoming in a artist more complete and versatile. Once again, we have also in the composition of H.Cosby and Stevie Wonder, and a greater presence of Stevie's mother -Lula Mae Hardaway- in 4 of the 12 songs of this work.

Tracklist / * Composer

  • For once in my life
    * Miller, Murden
  • Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day
    * Wonder, Cosby, Moy
  • You met your match
    * Hardaway, Hunter, Wonder
  • I wanna make her love me
    * Cosby, Hardaway, Moy, Wonder
  • I'm more than happy (I'm satisfied)
    * Cosby, Grant, Moy, Wonder
  • I don't know why
    * Hardaway, Hunter, Riser, Wonder
  • Sunny
    * Hebb
  • I'd be a fool right now
    * Cosby, Moy, Wonder
  • Ain't no lovin'
    * Hardaway, Hunter, Riser, Wonder
  • God bless the child
    * Herzog, Holiday
  • Do I love her
    * Wonder
  • The house on the hill
    * Brown, Gordy, Story

For Once In My Life You Met Your Mach Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Da Day My Cherie Amour

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