Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Second stage: Young Stevie Wonder

UPTIGHT (Everything's Alright)

Uptight Uptight


Stevie Wonder as a teenager, was eager to show something more than love songs, daring protest with songs like "Blowin 'in the Wind" by Bob Dylan and compositions as powerful as "Nothing's too good for my baby" or "Up-tight", where songs written by Stevie began to emerge, move away from the previous álbums style of Ray Charles. This demonstrated the qualities of Stevie own voice, turnin 'it up to the rank of star.

He regained the song "Contract On Love" belonging from the album Workout Stevie, Workout what was left in a state of hibernation.

All this helped in the production by Henry Cosby -impossible to separate at this stage from Stevie Wonder- like that of W. Stevenson and of course, again, Clarence Paul, not forgetting a duet with Levi Stubbs in "Teach Me Tonight" singer of the legendary Motown group The Four Tops.

Tracklist / * Composer

  • Love a go go
    * E.Shelby, Beth Beaty
  • Hold me
    * Wonder, C.Paul, M.Bradnax
  • Blowin' in the wind
    * Dylan
  • Nothing's too good for my baby
    . * S.Moy, H.Cosby, W.Stephenson
  • Teach me tonight
    * S.Chan, G.Depaul
  • Uptight (Everything's alright)
    * Wonder, H.Cosby, S.Moy
  • Ain't that asking for trouble?
    * Wonder, H.Cosby, S.Moy
  • I want my baby back
    * N.Whifield, C.Grant, E.Kendriks
  • Pretty little angel
    * Wonder, C.Paul, M.Malvano
  • Music Talk
    * Wonder, C.Paul, T.Hull
  • Contract On Love
    * Holland, Bradford, Dozier
  • With a child's heart
    * Wonder

Nothing Too Good For My Baby Blowin In The Wind
Music Talk Uptight

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