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Stevie Wonder At The Beach Stevie Wonder At The Beach


The title of the album is mainly for their guest appearances in several movies as Bikini Beach, and Muscle Beach Party, apart from trying to exploit the great success in those moments of a "surf spirit" capitalized by popular groups like The Beach Boys.

The album's songs revolve around the ocean environment and includes some popular standard items, like "Ebb Tide" and some instrumentals. The longer a child prodigy in music, continues to surprise with their way of interpreting and playing the instruments, and although for this period Stevie Wonder -without the Little- by himself as one of the most "embarrassing" for his musical life, that is his point of view demanding...

Again counted with the production of Clarence Paul, who was joined by another great producer who worked for the Motown label, Henry Cosby, a member of the band study of Motown, The Funk Brothers. His work with Stevie Wonder will continue in the coming years, bringing the spirit and sound emerging of the new America, the Motown Sound.

Tracklist / * Composer

  • Castles In The Sand
    . * Wilson, Davis, Gordon, O'Brien
  • Ebb Tide
    * Maxwell, Sigman
  • Sad Boy
    * Dorsey, Nelson
  • Red Sails in the Sunset
    * W.Grosz, J.Kennedy
  • The Beachcomber*
    * Wright
  • Castles In The Sand*
    * Wilson, Davis, Gordon, O'Brien
  • Happy Street
    * Hemric, Styner
  • The Party At The Beach House
    * F.Wilson
  • Hey Harmonica Man
    * Cooper, Josie
  • Beach Stomp
    * Wilson, Davis, Bowen
  • Beyond The Sea
    * Lawrence, Trenet
* Instrumental

Hey Harmonica Man Castles In The Sun

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